Long a race of warriors and shamans, the Orcs are a race hailing from the west long embedded in vast myths and legends of their past. Divided into great tribes, they constantly fought amongst themselves and often raided other lands when resources became scarce. However, despite this love of war Orckind was very civilized and orderly. There were rules for many aspects of Orc life, especially for war. The Orcs also had a system of honor and obligation, based on their fabled past, that is so convoluted that even today only a few outsider of the Orc tribes understand it. When they believed that the fabled End Times were upon them, the tribes united rampaged over the great empire of Skirata until stopped by the human Saint Orellia. Afterwords they returned to their own lands once they figured the End Times were not upon them, rather a new age. Many Orc tribes are now beginning to modernize and tribes are beginning to merge. Many Orcs are afraid this might lead to the end of the ancient Orc honor system, and as a result unfettered chaos.


The Orcs, just like Dwarfkind, point to the mythic Titans as their ancestors. According to legend, Orckind was created by the Titan as protectors of the Dwarves against marauding beasts or savage nomads. They fulfilled their job well, protecting the Dwarves as they mined raw material for the Titans. However; the Titans began mistreating the Orcs and Dwarves and began killing them for fun. In anger the Orcs and Dwarves united and purpose and managed to overthrow their Titan masters. Unfortunately the alliance fell apart almost immediately, due to some problem that even the Orcs and Dwarves themselves can't remember (though you'll never hear them admit it). Because of this, the Orcs were forced to relocate to their current areas. Ever since then legendary kings, magnificent warriors, and gods of ancient power have all filled the pages of Orcish myth. In more recent times the Orcs misinterpreted a great comet as the sign of the End Times, and proceeded to rampage across the continent. Because Skirata was a great power, the Orcs destroyed the empire. It was only through the combined efforts of the Elves attacking their rear and the appearance of Saint Orellia, who they believed to be the Twilit Valkyrie (their goddess of death), that they fled back to their lands convinced that they had been wrong. Ever since then the Orcs have become peaceful, hoping to repair relations with the other races.

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