Introduction Edit

Human Kingdom (Kinsbury and Grissburg) was a monarchy located in the area of present-day England, Scotland, and Germany. The kingdom was founded by Naeric explorer, Ollie Cobb Hoover in 1229. Hoover and 30 other men were part of the Heaven's Rim Exploration and Colonization Association (HRECA), an exploration group that colonized the south part of the English island. They settled their capital of Berxely on the mainland. It bordered Clock Kingdom, Naerim, and the defunct Nordic Tribal Kingdom. With the signing of the Kinsbury Secession Treaty completed, Human Kingdom was founded. The land was organized in two; Kinsbury (on the island), and Grissburg (mainland, also referred to as Human Germany.)

Ollie Cobb Hoover assumed throne six months after the founding date. His son was to take throne after him. Human Kingdom became allies with Clock Kingdom in the 14th century for mining and Royal Marriage reasons. Human Kingdom is referred to as "The Jewel of Europe" by historians.