Character ImpedimentsEdit

Character impediments represent permanent afflictions of your character and can be chosen during your character's creation for additional skill or ability points. The amount of points given to your character are listed with the impediments along with a brief description of the impediment itself. At the start of a game a character can have a maximum of two impediments, and both of which should have a reason behind their appearance within that character. These do not necessarily have to be long explanations but should be plausible. Note that character impediments are at the mercy of the admins and your character can suffer substantially for each impediment they are given. 

Some impediments can be given to your character later on in the game by admins for various reasons, however this does not require player consent and will not give additional points to add in your character's ability or skill scores. Instead, these are just general afflictions which can occur naturally or (in the case of the supernatural) unnaturally.

  • Physical Impediments: These impediments are generally long lasting infections which vary between transmittable and non transmittable, but all are similar with their typical slow progress and difficulty in curing, if curable at all.
    • Arthritis: 
    • Asthma: 20 skill points. This impediment represents a moderate case of asthma. Within the game there is no standard name for this affliction but in a roleplay sense this may be commonly be referred to as 'Weak Lung' or any other appropriate term one can think of. Although rare, when afflicted a character can expect to encounter asthma attacks of various degrees now and again. These attacks can often commence from physical exercise or from inhaling large amounts of airborne polin, dust and so on. Note without aid these attack can possibly be fatal.
    • Missing Limb:

  • Mental Impediments: Impediments of the mind are generally more complex than their physical counterparts. The key difference between the two obviously being that a mental impediment is a chronic flaw within the mind while a physical impediment only affects the body
    • ADHD:
    • Addiction:
    • Delusional Disorder: 15 skill points. This disorder is a condition that causes the afflicted to often convince themselves of a mistruth. These delusions are not that of hallucinations of paranormal events, such as seeing a mythical monster for example, but are generally non-bizarre delusions like that of believing one individual wishes to poison them, or believing that a single individual is following them. This condition is often accompanied with mood swings, but apart from this someone suffering from the disorder can more or less carry on with a normal life.

Character EffectsEdit