Name of Wind's Nation: Ignis Vitalis

History: The Kingdom of Ignis Vitalis was founded on the smoldering ruins of Planet Earth. The name Ignis Vitalis means living fire, and it is aptly named due to the neverending combustion and generation of lava that surrounds the kingdom. 10,000 years of evolution and human influence turned the surface essentially inside out and covered the planet with volcanoes and lava. This turnover had a devastating intitial affect on earth's population and wiped out approximately half of life on earth. The surviving human population evolved over time to the new environment around them and began centering their way of life around the flaming hazards. With space travel having become a norm around the year 5000, and contact with other populated worlds becoming established in the year 7000 the human population who now referred to themselves as the Conbusi were able to harness the lava as a ship running energy and   for the last thousand years have depended on it as a steady export in order to import vital rations of food as resources of that sort are quite sparse in Ignis Vitalis. 

Leaders: Leadership of Ignis Vitalis is made up of the Red Council (A futuristic version of parliament) and the Prime Flame, an executive who serves as both head of Government and Head of State. Also wielding enormous power albeit unofficially is the  Ardere Prophetæ, the hereditary religious leader. The current Prime Flame is Farsaeus Cheney and the current Ardere Prophetæ is Katulu Vosloo. 

Culture: While the worship of Satan had long been a taboo subject on earth, the evolution of survival based on fire triggered a meteoric rise in Satanism and a decline in Monotheistic religons that solely worshipped the deity commonly known as God. Polytheistic religions such as Hinduism that included a fire deity remain, but in each the fire deity has long since usurped former Supreme gods such as Vishnu. The remnants of Christianity, Judaism and Islam have banded together along with a number of environmental groups to form a massive organization known as New Leaf which seeks to essentially turn back the clock on Earth and restore it both theologically and environmentally to what it once was. 

Military: The Military like everything else is heavily based around the presence of fire and lava. Ignis Vitalis soldiers carry large unwieldy weapons made of a mix of metal and hardened lava rock that fire flaming bullets. Ignis Vitalis also boasts an arsenal of super modern tanks as well as spaceships and fighter planes though those are slowly being retired from service. The Military has a number of generals that lead it but it is under the direct command of the Prime Flame. 

Terrain: The Terrain of Ignis Vitalis is extremely hard, fiery and often quite barren. It is extremely difficult to grow crops and rain is extremely sparse. Ignis Vitalis is set in planet earth around the year 13000 CE.