The Valoire Mountains

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The Mountains of Valoire are situated in the Continent of Agartha. It's placement is North-West of the continent, isolated and protected by it's sky-high mountain peaks. Originally the Mountains were uninhabited, believed to be the "seats of the Gods", due to the sheer height they reached. Indigenous tribes and nomads lived there- no organised settlements of any sort were found. Until, of course, the Valoire Conquest took place. Lord Davos Valoire, an exiled nobleman from the Agarthan Capitol; Celerdor, took his family and household in search for a new home. He decided to venture to The Mountains. Considered sacred, due to their Religious connotations, the peaks remained unruled by the Celerdorian Kings- so to not seem as they were trying to Usurp the Powers of the Gods.

Valoire, ignored this. Under the justification that he was creating his Kingdom in the land of the Gods, and They approved of it. He built his home, Corax Castle, on a table mountain, located in the midst of the Mountain Range. Cleverly Concealed in the mountians, and in the midst of a dense range- it was extremely difficult to siege.



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