1. History:

The founding of the Republic of Axios can be traced back to the founding of the city in 0 AFC (After the Founding of the City). In 3 BFC (Before the Founding of the City), a collection of City States led by the State of Corinthia had defeated the Rebel state of Anacruxia, who had ceded from this alliance of City States due to political tensions. The Anacruxions and the other city-states technically made up a single nation called Condor. However, when it came time to choose the next King which would lead the states, the Corinthians quite obviously rigged the system, through the blatant use of bribery and elimination of rivals. Exiled and defeated in an ensuing Civil War, they were forced to sail from their home -in oared warships and merchant ships- on the Condorian Pennisula and eventually found the Terracodan pennisula. Taking up new roots, they mingled with the local tribes and eventually, through the exportation of regional resources such as grapes (for wine), valuable metals (ores such as iron, steel and gold), became a regional power. They assumed a new name for their people, Terracodans, but stayed committed to their previous religion, phasing out the local "barbarian" religions. Never forgetting how it was the fighting over one position of power that had led to their defeat, they formed a Republic in which two Consuls would serve as figureheads and leaders of the Republic. Also, rules were written so that should one Consul suspect the other of monarchism, the guilty one could be immediately be removed from power with approval from the Senate. As the newly founded Republic of Terracoda grew in power, another regional power, the Thelians, grew envious.

Aspiring to dominate the Thesalian Sea in which the Terracodan and Condorian Pennisulas lay in, they engineered a series of "accidents" as to provoke the newly founded Republic into attacking first. Firstly, the created a series of carriage breakdowns along the roads leading to the city, severely hindering trade. Meanwhile, the Thelian merchant navy organized many breakdowns of their ships at the mouth of Axium (the Republic's only and capital city). Unable to tolerate such insolent behaviour, the Senate issued an ultimatum to the Thelian King, demanding an explanation for the atrocious actions and compensation. Against diplomatic customs, the messengers were executed and their heads hung on spikes leading from Thelia to Axium. When the Terracodan Senate discovered this, they were furious, immediately ordering fresh legions to be raised. When news of this reached the Thelian King, he used this as an excuse to convince the other regional states that Axios threatened not just Thelia but all of the Terracodan Pennisula.  

Convincing all the southern countries to fight against Axio

2. Leader(s)

3. Culture

4. Military (How do they fight?)

5. Terrain (Where is your nation? What terrain is within it?)